Skylark loft hatches

We are now agents of Skylark Electric Loft Ladders.
Please contact us to receive a quote.

Cost to supply and install starts from £4150 inc VAT (no rails)


1x safety grip handrail-£100 supplied and fitted inc VAT

2x safety grip handrails-£150 supplied and fitted inc VAT

1x Surround rail-£325 supplied and fitted inc VAT

Excludes electrical work, any additional work, and isles travel.

Features & Benefits

  • 10-year Warranty*
  • Operational by remote control
  • No lifting, pulling, pushing
  • ANYONE can open and close a Skylark
  • Ladder made from Beech hard wood
  • The Skylark has deep non slip steps
  • Two hand rails on all Skylarks
  • Excels at higher ceilings
  • Removes the anxiety of going to your attic
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple unit sizes to choose from
  • Comes with remote and hard-wired switch and Bluetooth connectivity to your phone
  • Full battery backup, Skylark works as normal, under battery power for more than 20 full movements
  • Incredible solid stairs 225kg working load
  • Can be wired to home central systems

* Terms and conditions apply.